Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fair Traitings to your kids

As a moms of two kids I will always trait my kids in a fair manner, just like in dealing with toys every time we toys, we always buy two fair, as much as possible simple color and same size. Not just toys but everything.

If you ask me why we do this.. the reason so that our sons grow without inner wounds, what that's mean inner wounds, inner wounds is wounded in your our soul in the only cure is forgiveness. In if that would not cure it can resent til he grow old, if that happens your son becomes your biggest problems. Example of inner wounds is jealous, hurt by harm words, unfair giving or unbalanced, and many others.

Another thing is by treating how we give love say for example if you kiss the older you must also kiss the other, by doing that you can give your family a harmonious and happy.

This a real experienced by me and its a very true.

I do hope this would be a guide to moms out their and we apply to our respective family..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Meet my friends thru friendster

I'am friendster addicted, to tell you why because I'am new babes in friendster world, I don't know what I 'm going to do like changing the theme or anything all I have to right now is looking my friends to add and I'am so glad due to fact that the friend of mine long time ago I did heard in now for just searching their exact name we can automatically find. Thanks to the one whom created friendster or else nothing could I meet again my friends.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Day to day activities as Fulltime mom

As a mother of two kids without a helper is not easy it takes more patients and strength. My day to day activities involves many, in morning I wake up always at around 6:30 then i prepared food for my family specially to my husband who work in the electric company. After that I would serves my to kids for their breakfast after or before bath. at around 8:30 a.m. my youngest son have their sleeping. my next move would washing time since I have no helper, I would wash the clothes of my husband kids in me. after washing is lunch preparation. After my family are all done eating their lunch. I'am going again now my two kids to sleep in now is my time to relax til sawa hehe til 3:30 and if I have time I will be going to blogs in the internet anything happens in me.. I have many something to say but I have to time now its almost 11:1o p.m. maybe next time.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Why kids name are unique

My first son named Ziv Gleonyl and my second son
named Zeki Jonyl they are unique name because i dont like name of my son's are common
or many like name. By the way, the first name of my two son are reseach thru internet
baby's name, and the second name are combination from our name of my husband.

The importants of our name:
1. Our name represents our reputation
2. Name represents your character
3. Your name represents your Authority

About the Author

I'm a fulltime moms having two kids, I finished a course of Bachelor of Science in Education but I did not teach coz my husband want me to take good care of our kids, my spare time at home when my two kids are sleeping, I having blogs anything specially my day to day activities that I could share it.