Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fair Traitings to your kids

As a moms of two kids I will always trait my kids in a fair manner, just like in dealing with toys every time we toys, we always buy two fair, as much as possible simple color and same size. Not just toys but everything.

If you ask me why we do this.. the reason so that our sons grow without inner wounds, what that's mean inner wounds, inner wounds is wounded in your our soul in the only cure is forgiveness. In if that would not cure it can resent til he grow old, if that happens your son becomes your biggest problems. Example of inner wounds is jealous, hurt by harm words, unfair giving or unbalanced, and many others.

Another thing is by treating how we give love say for example if you kiss the older you must also kiss the other, by doing that you can give your family a harmonious and happy.

This a real experienced by me and its a very true.

I do hope this would be a guide to moms out their and we apply to our respective family..

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